Do everything. One thing may turn out to be right.
— Humphrey Bogart

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Minsk is a flexible grid-based portfolio template.

You can customize a number of grid related properties, such as thumbnail width, vertical and horizontal spacing, align thumbnails with each other or switch to square thumbnails. Minsk also supports background color detection for project images.


Adapts to fit your resolution

A number of elements automatically change and adapt to your browser's width so your portfolio looks great on any device. The navigation changes to a dropdown when your site's title (or logo) and the menu links do not fit on the same line.


Thumbnail Horizontal Spacing


Thumbnail Vertical Spacing


Align Thumbnails


Square Thumbnails


Color Detection

Minsk automatically detects the background color of your project images. This color is then applied to the topmost section of your site.


Adding projects to your portfolio

Click on Add Page under Index to add a new project to your site.